Specialty Repair for a Variety of Surgical Equipment

With almost two decades of experience, Medical Optics has developed repair capabilities for the following items:

Fiber Optic Cables

At Medical Optics we repair and replace your fiber optic or bifurcated headlight cables - saving you thousands of dollars.  Damaged, broken, or burned out cables drastically reduce critical light transmission and clarity. When cables break, Medical Optics provides you with full service and fast turnaround, with most repairs completed in 2-3 days.

Keep the workhorse of your OR in tip-top shape. We perform repairs and replacements on all makes, models and lengths of fiber optic cables, including bifurcated and specialty cables.

Cables break. It happens. Contact Medical Optics to schedule a FREE Light Cable Inspection.

Diamond Knives

Medical Optics repairs an extensive array of diamond knives. Our highly trained technicians can service and repair many brands and styles – including Storz®, Rhein® and Accutome® – using state-of-the-art technology.

Our repair technicians comprehensively inspect and refurbish, replace blades when necessary or fully repair your diamond knives, saving you thousands of dollars.  All of our repair equipment is located on our premises, so our turnaround process is not only efficient, it's unsurpassed.

A free condition assessment is performed on all incoming diamond knives to assess reparability, and if the blade needs to be repaired we will advise you about our Diamond Exchange Program, which allows you to upgrade or change blade widths as your incision-instrument needs change.

Each knife that is approved for repair undergoes our rigorous 22-step inspection process. We clean, calibrate, and replace all worn parts, and each knife is thoroughly inspected prior to its return to you.

Most makes and styles repaired:

  • RK and AK diamond knives
  • Cataract knives
  • Blade cleaning and rehoning
  • Blade replacement on all styles
  • Rehoning of small chips
  • 90-day warranty
  • Trade-in program

Olympus Endo Eye

With our increased technology we can repair all 5 and 10mm Olympus Endo Eye models including the new HD II models.  This technology combines traditional rigid endoscope and surgical camera which reduces the number of lenses that are typical of a regular rigid laparoscope.   This "chip-on-a-stick" technology has similar durability issues to both rigid scopes and surgical camera heads. Repair capabilities include CCD component replacement and V-series paddle repair.

Medical Optics repairs the following items:

WA5011A  •  WA50013A  •  WA50013L  •  WA50015L  •  WA50021B  •  WA50023B  •  WA50121A  •  WA50023S  •  LTF-VP  •  LTF-VH, LTF-S190-5  •  LTF- V3  •  LTF- V2  •  A50000A  •  A50001A  •  A50002A  •  A50003A  •  A50020A  •  A50021A  •  A50022A  •  A50023A  •  WA50040A  •  WA50042A  •  WA50050A  •  WA50052A