It may not be necessary to replace your instruments prematurely. Instead you can extend their life, and save thousands of dollars.  Medical Optics offers our complete refurbishing capabilities on all makes of micro, laparoscopic, and surgical instruments.

Advanced Technology

We utilize the most advanced techniques available today and are always one step ahead to remain on top of industry technology. We perform all micro instrument repairs using high-powered microscopes to achieve the utmost accuracy, and to ensure that we can locate and identify the most minute damage, to prevent the re-circulation of defective instrumentation.

Any micro instrument repaired or refurbished by Medical Optics will meet the manufacturer's specifications. We perform a wide range of repair services, including:

  • Microscopic Sharpening
  • Adjustment and Alignment
  • Cleaning and Polishing at NO CHARGE
  • Spring and Screw Replacements
  • Complete Refurbishment