e-SAM™ -Your Web-Based, Real-Time, Asset Management Tool

We realize the importance of keeping you informed about the progress and status of your endoscope equipment repair & servicing orders. That’s why we developed our e-SAM™ web-based asset management program. With an e-Sam account, you can securely log in and receive real-time status updates on your order.

Real-Time Progress Tracking

The e-SAM™ program is a convenient tool that provides many advantages to keep you "in the loop", and to do so at your convenience. You can securely log on to your e-SAM™program account to:

  • Review & approve quotes
  • Review endoscope repair-history reports
  • Review cost-saving reports
  • View (in real time) your repair order status
  • View photos of your endoscope damage
  • View your endoscope damage report indicating possible causes
  • Know when your repair order is ready
  • Know when your equipment will be returned to your facility

Optimize your administrative time-management through the convenience of on-demand access to the status of your repair order. The e-SAM™ web-based asset management tool is 100% risk free, and totally secure. Save time and take advantage of our convenient e-SAM™ program.

E-Sam Program - Medical Optics


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