Certified TEE Transducer Repair

It is estimated that of the 400,000 diagnostic ultrasound probes in use, 25% require service at any point in time. For TEE probes most hospitals purchase a replacement at a cost of $20,000. Instead of replacement, save money by repairing your TEE probes. Medical Optics provides several critical advantages that add substantial value when you consider repairing your transducers.

Medical Optics Advantages

  • Significant cost-savings vs. replacement
  • ISO 13486:2016 certified probe repair
  • Advanced test capabilities
  • Loaner pool for popular models

Our Certified Transducer Repair Assures Image Quality

Medical Optics is committed to providing the healthcare community with the highest quality, most technically advanced, competitively priced, TEE transducer repair services available. With our expert diagnostic capabilities and our ability to deliver the highest image quality, Medical Optics is an optimal partner for your transducer repairs.

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